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Kro turned one

Kro (pronounced as kee-roh) is one year old already. Complete name, Kevin Kichiro.

We just had a simple celebration, just the family and a niece. It is hard times now, but I know my little one didn’t mind… we had enjoyed every minute of it. It was something like this…
1 kilo spaghetti – 165.00
1 kilo fried chicken – 105
Birthday cake – 388.55

Balloon – 20.00

Hat – free

Loving memories – PRICELESS!!!!
This was a birthday on a budget. It’s not how much you spend, it’s the thought that counts. I just cooked what everybody wants to eat. Fried chicken and spaghetti. They said i make the best spaghetti, but i disagree though because I love Jollibee’s spaghetti more than my spaghetti… lol.

What’s a birthday without a cake, of course, so I bought the family’s favorite, chocomoist cake… yuuuuuuummmmy… =D. Fortune Bakeshop have the best chocomoist cake for me, really good. It cost 409.00 but I had a 5% discount, they give discount to certain card holders, and merrcury drug suki cardholders are one of those. The cashier there also gave an icing flower as a gift =), sweet of her.

The balloons were a last minute addition, I saw it in my neighbor’s house, they had displayed balloons near their door and I asked them if it was for sale, they said yes, so i bought some, I know how Kro loved balloons. When i came home I showed it to him and he was like… all smiles, really wide smile. So i put it up where he won’t be able to reach it, but he was standing below it and keeps on pointing to it, so daddy took it and gave it to him so he can play with it, he popped out two of it, so when it was time for singing the birthday song and eating, there were only two balloons left…lol

The candles, those were starburst twinkling candles, I have been saving it for occasions like this (for a long time now). Nobody blew the candles because we were kind of watching how it’ll burst…lol… it did but just a little hahaha.

And to really perfect everything, i made a birthday hat especially for him… lol.. well more like a pirate hat, from a magazine and put it on his head, he was cute.

Oh, there’s also one thing that was really grand on that day. At waltermart where we did our grocery, before buying the foods that we need, my husband and kro went to this arcade, for rides, he love those car rides. So while my husband was putting tokens, he saw on the floor a crumpled 500.00, he looked around to see if anybody was behind him, but there was none… and we kind of stayed a little longer to see if somebody would come looking for a 500 bill, but there was none too. Kind of lucky. Was that a gift from above? Knowing that we dont have that much these days. When we went back to the car I said out loud thank you Lord!

How fast time flies… it’s like a moment ago he was here in my arms, sleeping, then the next he’s always on the floor, busy crawling, then walking, and now he’s one year old. My baby boy is becoming a little boy =(. I know, i should be happy, but it feels like i want time to just stop for a little more while, I want to hold him more longer. I am dreading that day when I will be waking up and all of my kids are gone, with their own family living in their own house.

This is his favorite car, my tupperware… lol

I pray that God will always bless and protect you. I pray that you grow up to be a God fearing person, that you’ll walk in the right path. And that your life will be a blessing unto others. May God’s hand be upon you always. May you desire the wisdom that comes from God. I love you baby… happy birthday.

Batangas Summer Fun

This was taken last month. My niece’s birthday, this was her treat, a birthday swimming party.

We went to JohnDel Beach Resort in Nasugbu Batangas. They have 2 pools – one each for adults and kids, and 3 slides – 2 for adults and 1 for kids, and there’s beach too, which was perfect because kids can go from pool to beach, play in the sand and play slide in the pool. There are plenty of cottages to choose from, near the beach and near the pool. And there’s this henna tattooing place where you can have henna tattoo at a reasonable price so if you want to have one, you can ask the artist and he’ll paint you black… lol.. no, he have this album where you can choose what to put on the part of your body where you like the tattoo put. Anyway, I am not a fan of tattooes so I didn’t got one, but my nephew had. The entrance fee to the resort is not that expensive.

Adult – P100.00
Children 11 years old and below – P50.00

You know how it is with kids, they want to be there whole day, so we went there early in the morning, and came home at 7 in the evening. No wonder my daughter has turned dark from swimming. There were 11 of us who went there. There were suppose to be more than that, but Uncle Tato’s family were not able to join us because he had work that time, and his 4 kids are not allowed to come with us if he is not with them =(.

The celebrant
I was kind of tired from following the kids all day wherever they go, especially with my 6 year old boy. Hey there’s a beach there and you’ll never know, it might be fun but it is dangerous. There were 3 teenage boys, 2 nephews and a cousin of my husband, but you know how it is with teenagers, they have their own time, talk, and you can never tell them like hey, will you watch over these children. So I was like going back and forth to the pool and the beach, my husband was in charge of our little one, except when it was time for eating… Oh, by the way, there were lots of foods, really as in lots of foods, too many for us, we even haveĀ  some taken back home.

I had asked my daughter to cover me with sand and sculpt it into a fish, so i became a mermaid… lol… we rented “salbabida” (the interior of a tire), the kids were allowed to go a little farther from the shore, of course with adult supervision, and an adult was behind them. My baby was sooooo all out in swimming, he likes to be in the water all the time. Everytime my husband brings him to where the cottage is, to take a rest, the little one would always point to where the pool is, with all the gibberish talking he’s doing. And if his daddy will not stand up and bring him there right away, he was like talking a lot… dadatatanomdom.. haha and he would cry… lol… poor daddy, he told me he was already tired.

I did help a little, we kind of exchange parts, he took charge of the three kids while i took charge of the baby, but after a while we exchange again because i saw him sitting near the cottage, he said it’s more tiring watching and taking care of the kids than taking care of the baby… lol…

There’s one thing that’s not nice about the place, the beach/shore is not that clean, the water is not that blue. I saw about 2 diapers on the shore eeewww… but that was a little bit far from where we are staying. Saw a lot of plastic bags and wrappers too. The resort owner could have at least hired someone for a minimum wage to clean the place, at least theirs. It would only take half a day to clean it *sigh. It’s not like you will still want to come back after all those trash scattered. They could also put a big trash can, and put coconut tree so at least it can add to the view, something like that… oh well just a suggestion…

We had soooo much fun that day, my eldest daughter asked me to go swimming again… talk about getting sunburned. So I said, let’s go back next week? Then my niece (the celebrant) replied, not there, it’s dirty.

Sa Ikloy

This is located in Kayquit, Indang, Cavite. One of my family’s favorite place to go to every summer. It’s more than 30 minutes walk from my in-law’s house and we have to climb down a steep mountain to be able to get there. It is said that this was used to be a hiding place of Filipino guerrillas, during the Japanese invasion here. As you go down the mountain, you’ll see a collapsed tunnel, they said that these tunnels are where the rebels hid during that time. I am not a native of the place, but my husband told me the story he heard from his grandfather who was a war veteran.

This is a beautiful stream, not much of a resort but the water is so cool, it is refreshing every time you take a dip when it is really hot especially during summer. There are other rivers/streams in Kayquit, but this one is what we like most. In the other places the people do their laundries there, but here you wont be able to find one, maybe because it would be hard for them to climb up and down the mountain carrying heavy load.

The walk to this place is worth it… but after enjoying the swim, the water, and everything, going back to the house is harder than coming down here. Think of that climb one will take.

I took the pics using my cam phones. The crisp pics are by my Sony Ericsson W31S, and those that are not very clear are by Nokia 6630. Guess who’s the better cam phone now? lol…

A little something about me

A Filipino,mixed race, more than 30 years of age, married and with three kids.

A born again Christian, I believe that Jesus is the only way, and apart from Him I can do nothing.

I have become hearing impaired some 4 years ago. And since then, the internet has been my constant place of refuge. It is here where I get to meet new friends, and lost friends too. It is here where I can rant, and grumble about life’s hard situations freely. It is here where I can be happy sharing whatever ups I have in my life right now.

To everyone who will visit my page, feel free to post your opinions, and whatevers, to blogs I will be posting.

Welcome and God bless!