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Martabak Cafe @ SM Mall of Asia

Before my sis-in-law went back to Japan, she treated us out, and we went to SM Mall of Asia, said the biggest shopping mall in Asia. There, we went to the Science Discovery Center, which to me was pretty lame, considering the high entrance fee, not worth it for me. We also went to this playplace, we had fun, especially me at the giant slides… lol… The kids had sooooo much fun there, 7 kids in all. But it’s not what I want to blog, what I want to share is the resto where we had lunch. It was Martabak Cafe, an Indonesian restaurant.

It was cloudy that time so my sis-in-law decided that we ate outside the restaurant, the tables outside looks comforting, their chairs are nice to look at and they provided throw pillows for each of us for our backs. There was also a big umbrella and some colored lanterns. So eating out seems to be a perfect choice, but halfway eating we found out it was a bad idea, because while we were eating the sun came up.

They gave us menus, we choose the foods that we want. I’m surprised as they were all affordable, unlike the other restos we’ve been through there at MOA (Mall of Asia). And the food, they all look soooo good at the pics. We all gave our choices, and my sis-in-law made the orders.

the foods

They are offering combo meals, and combo platters. we had shrimps, barbecues, fried chicken, and I forgot what the fried rice was, we had also the beef dish (which I forgot the name too), and others. As honestly as I can say, the only dish that I liked was the shrimp. the others are not that good, or maybe my palate is not for indonesian dishes. none of the kids ate the barbecue as it really didn’t fit their taste buds. The barbecue had peanut butter on it, ugh… I didnt liked it either, but knowing that it would be such a waste to throw foods and not ate all, I forced myself to eat all the barbecues, until I feel like I’m gonna vomit from it… yep…

Eventhough we didn’t like most of the dishes, we were still filled. Oh, they had bottomless iced tea offered too. and I drank too much, for every mouthful of barbecue I drank iced tea. This was my first time to eat Indonesian foods, and I consider this an expererience that will never happen again. No offense meant to the restaurant owner though and Indonesians out there, but it’s just that I am not into Indonesian dishes…. or maybe there are still more foods that they can offer that would suit my taste. But as for now, no Martabak resto for me =P.

Isn’t he cute, with his annoying smile… lol. he do this all the time grrrrr….MARTABAK CAFE, at SM Mall of Asia