Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sumo – my dog

at this moment the dog i have now and he is a labrador retriever. I named him sumo, when he was still a puppy, he drinks milk and ate a lot all the time, and after all that drinking and eating his tummy would get so big, like that of a sumo wrestler, hence the name. the first pic is of sumo when i had him, he was four months old then.

sumo was given to us by a friend who sells dogs, i just got lucky that i had him for free since breeds like him cost a lot here, german shepherds costs a whole lot more. sumo’s mom had given birth to ten puppies, and at that time, when the owner was not able to sell all of them and she was having a problem of taking care for more dogs, she got already 6 dogs of her own.

he likes getting wet, when he was still a puppy i had put this basin beside him filled it with water and he just went in there, and played.

i never thought that he would grow so very big, i think sumo’s size is xxl, and he could be as heavy as me. sumo is two years old now, as old as my little boy, and my son sometimes would ride his back, and sumo is gentle when it comes to him, he would not to stand up right away and walk.

he is on leash most of the time as our neighbors mostly kids are afraid of him because of his size. and also i find it not safe if he is on leash, as he may come across a little child while running around and knock him or her down and get injured.

i once tried giving him a walk, but he got excited and run and he dragged me into the street, well not that long but it was embarrassing as there were some people outside that saw it, and i think i looked stupid and funny at the same time because i was down sideways while being dragged by my dog. was able to stand up and pulled him.

no one can get near our gate because of him, he would bark at the site of stranger standing close to our place. and because of his size people will not come near our house.

now i am going to have him trained, as i want him not to be leashed all the time. there are times he gets so aggressive. i wanted to make a cart for him too, that he can pull, so my 2 year old son can ride in it like a carriage =D. so far those are still plans, as i dont have the money for the trainer and the materials for the cart right now. but once i do, ill post it here too.