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The reason some kids go bald

Is because of bubblegum… lol… Yep, bubblegum getting stuck to their hair.

Kichiro's new look

That’s one sad little boy above…

I went out to buy groceries, and when I came back, I saw bubblegum stuck on Kichiro’s head. I left kichiro with his big bro and big sis, they were proabably eating bubblegum and the two did not noticed what Kro did to his gum.  I was disappointed with my eldest because of what happened, but the damaged is already done, so getting mad at her wont do anything good.

I tried taking it off, but failed… I cut his hair little by little, those that have bubblegum only, but it looked ugly. So off we went to the barbershop the next day, and I had his head shaved.  When we came home, his big bro  and big sis had laughed at his new look.  He wasn’t happy about that.

The week before he got bald…   from this…

… to this.  He seems to be embarrassed with his new look.

The two most important…

…men in my life.

ZDi n Kro

well, they may still be boys now but they will be men later on, and they will be as important to me then as they are  to me now.

ZDi – 8 years old and Kichiro – 2 years old.  They look alike, if it weren’t for the big age gap they could be mistaken as twins :).

ZDi is Zechariah Daniel, his name came from the Bible… there is a reason why he was named that.  He is in his 3rd grade now, he is the most active among my 3 kids, others thinks he has ADHD, but I dont (when I was a child I was as super active as him, that’s why I dont consider him as one), if one looks closer into him and understand his heart, they will realize he is very different from what they see from the outside.  I consider him as the gentlest among the three.

Kro is Kevin Kichiro, he is my last and and his name means gentle lucky child.  He is indeed a lucky child, I twice brought him to a Christmas party and I came home with so many gifts I won from the raffles :D.  An active 2 year old, and the most loving of the three.  As of now he talks like an anime (japanese cartoons… lol).  He understands I am hearing impaired and knows how to communicate with me… I can lip read him, and he can sign a little, point to things or will drag me when  he cannot say or sign what he wants.

Like all other moms out there, I am hoping that when they grow up, they will be a better person, God fearing and kindhearted, and that I can say to myself, I have done the right thing in how I brought them up.

An Oceanarium Treat

Manila Ocean park – Oceanarium.  Located at the back of Rizal Park, in Luneta Manila.

adult – 400.00 pesos
kids – 350.00 pesos

I’ve been wanting to visit this place for a looong time, this is far from where we live.  And aside from the distance, the fee is a bit high for me, so I’m not able to bring my kids here to take a look.  I have expected too much, but sad to say, I did not enjoyed that much.

Sure there were lots of water species to look at, but really… it fell down beyond my expectations.  But… there is one thing that I really liked there, I was very impressed with the way they presented the jelly fishes… It looks sooo cool.

They have the jellies in big glass containers in a separate dimly lit room, then I dont know where the lights are coming from but those glass containers changes

lighted jellies

Hah! I saw nemo there too :D, and he got brothers and sisters now…  I was actually looking for him there.

nemo and family

I saw a fish with eyelashes :D… heeeeh this is  my first time to see a fish with eyelashes, I thought they are only in cartoons, but here she is in fishy flesh and blood… wonder if she uses a mascara…  was trying my best to get a good shot here, but she’s always moving, I was gonna take a close-up shot of her eyes.

This is the part where I was excited, but since there were too many people at the time we went there, it was jampacked with people, so hot inside, again not impressed with what I saw.  People looked like sardines in a can… never enjoyed this one here.


ang kalaliman - the deep

There were sharks too, and rays, and huge starfishes, and crocodile (not impressed on how they presented the crocs here).   Corals, stone fish, a biiiig lobster, and of course lots of fishes… lol

pating = shark

You can have a fish spa here for an extra cost… sit on a pool like thingy with small fishes in them, put your bare feet and wahlah… have the services of those little fishes cleaning your feet and toes… biting, nipping whatever it is there’s to nip at your feet, which sounds like kinda gross to me thinking of fishes eating germs and bacteria on your feet.  What if the other person beside you has a smelling foot? or a foot skin diseases? eewww…. :P.  But if there were very few people having the fish spa treatment, I think its good to try this one.

NOT my foot

The place looks good, but… between the zoo and here, I will always choose the zoo, its cheaper and its more fun there… with a high entrance fee and the feeling that what spent is not worth it, this site seeing of course will be the last place to visit in my list.  I understand that business aspect of it, they have spent a whole lot just to make this place look good, but those of us in the lower class can not afford the fee, its not that easy to get money these days, and I’d consider this a luxury.  They can try lowering the entrance fee so more people will visit the place.

Here we are, some of the family members… the others are looking all over the place.

the end