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GoDaddy CEO’s Elephant Hunting

I just finished watching a video of an elephant being shot and butchered – hunting for elephant…  warning this is very graphic, and disturbing.

I am soooo glad I dont have a account and have been a loyal customer for all my domains.

Bob Parsons CEO of shot the elephant (in Zimbabwe), saying they are saving the farmers because these elephants are destroying some crops, gee.. Is that reason good enough?  And to make it worse he had his picture taken standing over the dead elephant holding the rifle he used to kill it, with a “smile” on his face.

This is really disturbing, I mean watching an elephant being shot, and people butchering it for meat.  I understand there are places on earth that really needs food to survive but to take a video of an elephant being butchered even if its not close-up is really brutal.

Where’s your heart people?  It’s not like elephants are the same with cows or pigs that people consume everyday.  It’s unnatural.  They are endangered species.

If they are what you call problem elephants, why not create another solution to the problem instead of killing them, it’s just wrong.  With all the money Bob Parson have, he can educate the farmers (i.e. hire agriculturists,  teachers, or whatever to teach and educate these poor Africans).  Raise/Breed goats, chickens, hogs, cows or other farm animals.. or whatever instead of killing an endangered specie.