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We all miss him :(..

Little Kichiro and Sumo

The photo above was taken when Kichiro and Sumo were 1 year olds, Sumo was a few months older than Kichiro.

Then after 2 years we had another labrador, a female named Peewee.  After years of taking care of them we decided to look for a new owner :(, our space was not big enough for Sumo already, so it’s time to let go, it had been a painful separation but it was the best thing for all of us.

We still get to visit him once in a while in his new owner’s place.  If by God’s will we get to have a new place where there is a big backyard, we will get Sumo and Peewee back even if we have to buy them to their new owners :).


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Philippines Got the Miss World Crown!

Miss World Megan Young

Our very own Megan Young won Miss World 2013 last night, the 63rd annual event… Woohoo!  A big congratulations to you Megan.

“I promise to be the best Miss World ever,” Megan Young said after winning.

It was hubby who turned on TV and changed the channel to where the Miss World Competition is being shown, I didn’t even know it lol, so we watched till the end and was rooting for our very own.  We are proud of you Megan.

While watching the show there were 3 we noticed that almost got tripped.. luckily it was almost, phew, not that much to be embarrassed about.  With their high heeled shoes and long gowns, if one is not careful, one would fall.

127 contestants were vying for the crown.  And it was Megan who won, yey!  She looked so regal, the way she stands, her height… and smart too, she deserved the crown.  She’s only 23 years old.

This is the first Miss World crown for our country and I bet officials here are already preparing a grand welcome for Megan.

I remember her before, she auditioned for a talent search in GMA starstruck, she didn’t won but got a few shows, then she moved to another television station.  When she won the Miss World Philippines, I was actually glad for her and was really hoping she’d win in the world wide competition, and SHE DID!

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Back to blogging

After 2 long years of not blogging I am finally up to it again.

It has been a long time and I really missed writing here, but things happened and so life online was limited for a while and the desire to write was gone.

I am looking at my blog right now and realized July 2011 was the last post made, and looking inside my admin area, there were a bunch of drafts that I haven’t finished.. Oh well.. Will go through each one to see if I can still do something about them if not they will all go to waste :(.

Well, things are exciting and I have so many things to write now so this blog will be back to the way it was before..

Need to keep with the rankings again.. whew that one will take a whole lot of work.

More posts to come, please visit my site again…