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Pet Cemetery In the Philippines – Pet Valley Park

Ever wondered where to bury your pets when it’s time for them to go?

pet cemetery, pet burial, pet cremation, Philippines

Yeah, that day will be a very sad day for all pet lovers, as most of us consider our pets as one of the family, and sometimes even spoil them.

Have you consider where you’re gonna put yours once that day comes?  I have had a few pets that have died.. and they were all buried in the backyard of my in-laws, lucky for us they have a big backyard, but what if.. you have no backyard? no place to bury your pets..

If you are living here in the Philippines, and somewhere in the Metropolis or in the North, lucky for us there is a place called Pet Valley Cemetery.  Owner by Sir Manny Reyes, and is located at Silang Cavite.  I have visited this place once, and I can say that this is truly a resting place for our beloved pets once they passed away.

You can view Pet Valley Park and Crematory’s website here:, there are lots of photos posted there.  And even more photos in their facebook fanpage, the link is below.

They also offer, pet cremation, and other stuff like souvenirs.  Now we can bury our pets the same way we bury people.. Doing something like this is more dignified I think.

Contact Information:
Pet Valley Park and Crematory
Location: Pook 2, 4118 Silang, Cavite
Phone: +63 917 545 5945

shihtzu, pet, small breed dog

New Family Member

Well not actually new since he’s been with us for more than a year now, but since I have stopped blogging during those times, so I am sharing this today :).

ehihtzu, pet, dog, small breed

His name is Enzo and he is a shihtzu.  He was already 4 months old when we had him. We decided to have a small breed of dog this time because of limited space.
shihtzu, pet, small breed dog
This little guy here is a smart one, after a year of being with us now, he got some tricks learned already, plays with our 2 cats and sometimes acts like a cat.. lol.  We love this guy too much I think, we bought him shoes, bunch of shirts and a superdog costume.. goodness never did I imagined I am gonna dress up a dog roflol.. but we did with Enzo and he looks so cute in it.  Every morning we go out for his peeing and pooping time, and one more in the evening.  We always bring with us dustpan, for his walks.  There are times that he goes out by himself if the gate is left open, and when he does that, we’ll just yell enzo and he comes running home :).  Good boy… he listens when is being talked to, when we go out and comes home, he is the first one to come to us wagging his furry tail all excited going back to the house and out again.  Hubby says he seldom barks.. Oh well I am hearing impaired anyways so I don’t notice lol.

Last month hubby did the grooming/trimming.  He cut all the body furs and left those on the feet and tail, then he did a spike fur for his head, looked even cuter, and everyone that sees, where did you had that trim?  Hubby replied, I did it all smiles.

His fur is messed up in this photo from too much playing. Photo taken when he was still months old.