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Aranda Country Club – Singapore

During our Singapore Tour, we stayed at Aranda Country Club at Pasir Ris.  Getting around Singapore isn’t that hard, transportation is easy, pay attention to the buses you ride, they have numbers, also make sure you have exact coins for your fare as the bus diver will not give you change :).  There’s MRT and taxis too.

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubMe and hubby at Aranda Country Club front desk

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubOur room, we had extra beds for the 2 kids

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubThe kitchen counter

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubDining area and living room

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubThe view of the swimming complex at the back of Aranda Country Club

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubMe and Grace

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubThis is at the back of Aranda, we had barbecue party here

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubBarbecue party after the meeting, Yey!

DSC_0696Suzanna Theresia, owner of Instaproducts, WordPress plugins, and the boys at the back busy cooking 😀

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Feb 14 Family Day at Qabana

This is the first time that we have celebrated Valentines day, we know of its pagan origin so we kinda skipped celebrating it yearly.  But this year was different, we had a family day at Qabana, becoming one of our favorite place to visit if we want to go swimming.

boquet, Qabana resort, Valentines day, Family day

Hubby surprised me with flowers, when I woke up he right away gave me that one above… aw :'(.. so very pretty and I loved it!

bouquet, Qabana resort, Valentines day, Family day

When the kids woke up hubby decided that we go out for a family day!  We went to Qabana resort since all of us except him loves swimming lol.

Entrance 125.00 pesos / person
Cottage rent: 600.00 pesos
Table rent: 200.00 pesos
Food is available inside the resort or you can bring yours.

And the day ended at Tokyo Joe where we had dinner.

Tokyo Joe, Qabana resort, Valentines day, Family day


We enjoyed this very special day, bonding moments like these are priceless…

Something to always do before having meals…

This may look funny, but something to make us think.

pray, sushi, japanese recipe, jayrene, foodtrip, simeple sushi

Pray before meals

Hubby took the photo :D. While I was busy preparing dinner lol.  Well it looked funny to me, but this is something we must do right?  Pray and thank God for the blessings, food on our table every single day, every meal, that we don’t go hungry, that He always provide and take care of our needs.

For the recipe and how to do this very simple sushi, you can check my food blog here -> Not Just Our Daily Bread.

For those with “sweet tooth”

An ice cream cake.

This one is just soooo… yummy. A birthday gift from a good friend, my 9 year old picked the flavor. There were so many to choose from, I wanted that Mango Madness, but kids’ favorite is “always” chocolate. I never regretted it since this one is just so good.

My 3 year old was the one who blew the candle.. yey! He’s the one at the center pic (cake mix pic) :D.

Chocolate cake inside, with mocha ice cream as filling.
Just thinking, maybe next time on one of my kids bday, instead of buying a separate cake and ice cream, I’ll buy an ice cream cake instead… hmm. We used to buy choco moist from Fortune baker, the price when compared, just a hundred pesos more for the ice cream cake, not bad.

Nothing fancy for my birthday except for this special cake.
This year has been a very tough one for me. I hope the next year to come would be a much better one.

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Adobong Sitaw (String Beans)

This is one of my favorite dish that I get NOT to eat all the time… lol.  That is because my kids don’t eat vegetables :D.  I tryto do this once in a month, one of the easiest dish that I can cook here.
If you want to know the recipe and procedure on how to cook this simple vegetable dish, you can check out my food blog, I have this featured there.