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2 Birthday Celebrations at Volet’s Resort Dasmarinas

We’re back here at Volet’s after 8 years. They have renovated/upgraded the place and it’s gotten better!

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinas

Celebrating my 2 sons birthdays, we decided to do it here since it is near our place. To avoid crows, we went here on a weekday (Friday). This place is still awesome. Very clean pools, wave pool, kiddie pools, adult pool, lazy rivers for adults and for kids. They have private pools and rooms for those who want to stay overnight.

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinas

230 for adult
175 for kids below 4 ft (kids above 4 ft are considered adult)
They give discounts to senior citizens and PWDs on entrance only

Tables 350.00 – 800.00

Huge adult pool for those who want to do laps, langoy kung langoy.
Lazy river, the adult one is 4 feet, bring your own salbabida… you can do langoy here too since its 4 feet.
There are plenty of slides, giant slides, regular slides, mini slides, micro slides, tunnel slide. So slide to sawa sa mga mahihilig sa slides.

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinas

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinascredit for this photo

You can bring foods, its allowed.

How to get here:
Pag commute, sakay lang ng Dasmarinas Hi-Way na bus or jeep (take note, dasma hi-way). Wag sumakay ng Dasma Bayan. Very easy to spot, along aguinaldo hi-way and just infront of Waltermart Dasmarinas. So pagnakita nyo na Waltermart Dasma, baba na, nasa tapat lang ang Volet’s.

Same if going there by car. They have parking spaces.

Pag uuwi na, drop by at Volet’s gotohan, masarap ang lugaw nila dito, any variety masarap, try nyo.

Aranda Country Club – Singapore

During our Singapore Tour, we stayed at Aranda Country Club at Pasir Ris.  Getting around Singapore isn’t that hard, transportation is easy, pay attention to the buses you ride, they have numbers, also make sure you have exact coins for your fare as the bus diver will not give you change :).  There’s MRT and taxis too.

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubMe and hubby at Aranda Country Club front desk

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubOur room, we had extra beds for the 2 kids

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubThe kitchen counter

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubDining area and living room

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubThe view of the swimming complex at the back of Aranda Country Club

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubMe and Grace

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubThis is at the back of Aranda, we had barbecue party here

Singapore, Pasir Ris, Aranda Country ClubBarbecue party after the meeting, Yey!

DSC_0696Suzanna Theresia, owner of Instaproducts, WordPress plugins, and the boys at the back busy cooking 😀

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Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore

Our second day was spent at Aranda for a staff meeting, the kids were treated to the swimming, just at the back of Aranda, is the Pasir Ris Swimming Complex, too bad I wasn’t able to join, when the kids came back they had so many stories to share lol, no pics of them either.

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, Sentosa

The next day, we went to Universal Studios.. took tons of pics here, love every minute of the day spent here even though we were too tired from too much walking.  Lots of rides to try too, our best ride ever was the Transformers ride and the Egyptian ride.

We met Shrek and Fiona at Far Far Away land 😀

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaFamily picture with his highness Shrek and her highness Fiona

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaShrek’s castle

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaMadagascar

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaI met one of the Transformers

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaThe kids had fun with Sesame Street folks

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaMe and Betty Boop and Grace

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaZdi at New York St., he didn’t know Frankenstein was after him lol.

woodywpWoody Woodpecker and Kro!

DSC_1000We’re here :D!

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore, SentosaAncient Egypt

This place alone would take up your whole day, so many rides, and so many things to see.  We were all very tired after spending our day here but we all enjoyed it so much.  If I am coming back to Singapore, I’d definitely visit this place again :).

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Sentosa – Singapore Tour 2014

Day 1 of our Singapore Tour was spent at Sentosa!
We went to where the (Merlion Park) Sea Lion Park is, for sightseeing and of course picture taking.  One place not to miss when visiting Singapore as this is their famous landmark, the pride of Singapore, the Merlion :).

Marina, SingaporeHubby and I with the Merlion

Marina, Singapore, sea lionHubby and the kids..

Marina, Singapore, sea lionMy family with my boss Suzanna Theresia
(grateful for this opportunity that she had given us)

Marina, Singapore, sea lionWith Suzanna Theresia, my colleague Ed Dayonot, his wife Grace and their son Mac

Then we went to Sentosa, we were treated to the Luge and Kkyride !  Going up was okay the cable stopped at the middle which made me nervous as the seat was very wide open, I could fall you know, lol.  Going down was awesome with the Luge.

Singapore, cable rideGetting ready for the ride up.

The Skyride transports you to the top of the luge tracks, where you jump onboard and ride to the bottom of the track. The kids had their second rides.

lugeYla and Zdi.. enjoying the ride down

Luge and Skyride $15/person
They do have combos where you can save money, when you want certain number of rides but you have to fall in line again, family passes too.

After this ride we were treated to.. Songs of the Sea.  I have already read much about this and was very much interested with the lights show.  To be honest, the play was boring for all of us, the lights was great but not the play.  We felt like we just wasted our time here, we should’ve gone somewhere else like the zoo or the museum, still thankful though for the experience.

Singapore, lights and water show

Lights and water show – Songs of the Sea


Singapore, lights and water show, Sentosa, Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea entrance ticket $15/person

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Singapore Tour – 2014

Had the chance to travel to Singapore! yey!

Singapore, Changi AirportMe at Changi Airport

Well this post will be in parts, one story at a time :).  This was a free trip by the way, thank God for the person who made it possible.  My entire family came with me and we had an awesome 4 days stay at Singapore.

Singapore, Changi airportTiger Air

Fare was 8K+ (per person) roundtrip at Tiger Airways.  Make sure to check discounts first before booking, the fare alone was more than 40K for the five of us.  Then there are fees to pay at NAIA, terminal fee which was 550.00 and a travel tax fee which was 1620 pesos that is per person (discounts given to children below 12 years old), imagine my shock I had to shell out 10K+ for all these fees there lol.. so prepare extra cash (just for the fees).  As of this writing, it’s been in the news that these fees should be included in airline tickets.

Anyway, went to airport early, we left the car at Park and Fly, visit their website for more info, this is convenient if you do not have someone to bring you to the airport and you want to bring your car, it’s more convenient for us to do this, since all of us are traveling, then coming home was hassle free, park and fly will send you to the airport and will pick you up there too on your arrival, less stress less worry.

 NAIA airport, PhilippinesKro @ NAIA

At Singapore, I was impressed with Changi Airport, wow!  So.. this is why it’s the best airport in the world, #1.. whew.

Changi Airport, SingaporeYla @Changi Airport

Changi Airport, SingaporeChangi Airport

Changi airport, is like a mall lol.. Everything is in there, so big and so clean…  We spent plenty of time just strolling the place :D.  There are MRT trains that connects Terminal 1, 2 and 3, lost of restaurants, you can also do shopping inside.

Aranda Country Club, SingaporeMe and hubby at Aranda Country Club front desk

Aranda Country Club, Singapore

We stayed at Aranda Town and Country Club at Pasir Ris, so close to everything lol.  The place is clean, our room was very spacious, I loved it!  Shared with one of my co-worker and his family.  We had a barbecue party in the evening, just at the back of our room.

Transportation was not a problem, the place was close to the bus stop, I went to 2 malls, first day I went for a walk, the next day I took the bus.

Next post will be the trip to Sentosa!

Changi Airport, SingaporeKro with Mr. Red M 😀 @ Changi

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