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the little red monster…

While I was doing household chores, my two year old son kichiro was there at the living room watching tv and playing, or so i thought. Never did it occur to me that he was playing with my things.

I dont know how he did it, but he was able to have a hold of my make up, as I was busy doing something, he was also busy doing another thing, he was at the living room and I thought he was watching TV… he came to me after a while and this is what I found… to my shock…

the painter? or red monster?

A red monster… he painted himself all red, using my make-up, and he also painted the walls, the large mirror we have at the living room, the door too. The make-up was all over the place.

maybe he was trying to say here – um… sorry mommy…


I was not able to resist taking pictures of kichiro… even though I was really mad… lol. It took me sometime before I was able to get rid of all the coloring on his body. I gave him a bath, right after taking pictures… ;), and scrubbed him all over. It was not fun cleaning him, but he was smiling all the time.

you wouldn’t be able to get mad at this smile, would you?

I’m keeping these pics as evidence when he becomes a grown man… Now I don’t have a make-up anymore =(, time for me to buy a new one.