Christmas in Baguio

Hubby decided we spent Christmas in Baguio, road trip.  So a week ahead, he had the car tuned up, brakes checked for the trip, we are all excited since this is our first road trip..

La Union, Baguio, ChristmasLunch in La Union

Traffic!  My first impression when we got there.. phew  We stayed at a transient house for 350/head.  Thankfully the place we got had a hot shower a friend of ours went there and theirs didn’t have one.  So cold in the evening.

First stop is Burnham Park.  Boating, skating, biking.

Baguio, Christmas, Burnham ParkKro, Yla and Zdi

Baguio, Christmas, Burnham ParkKro

Baguio, Christmas, Burnham ParkMe, Zdi and Yla

Baguio, Christmas, Burnham ParkThey sure had fun here skatingBaguio, Christmas, Burnham Park

DSC_2165Still at Burnham Park

Baguio, Christmas, Burnham ParkOn our way to SM, we saw this beautiful Christmas tree

2nd day itinerary are Strawberry farm, parks, and Christmas Village.

Baguio, Christmas, Burnham ParkI don’t know what to say…
This part of Baguio doesn’t look good, on our way to Strawberry farm

Baguio, Christmas, Strawberry farmStrawberry Farm at La Trinidad Benguet

No entrance fee here, but you can pick strawberries for 450/kilo.  If you buy it outside, its only 250-350/kilo.

Baguio, Christmas, Strawberry farmJust for the pic lol..

Baguio, Christmas, Botanical GardenI love trees!

Baguio, Christmas, Botanical GardenBotanical Garden

Baguio, Christmas, Botanical GardenYla inside the cave at the Botanical Garden

Baguio, Christmas, Botanical GardenNo way!

Baguio, Christmas, Botanical GardenLol.. now you know where Kro inherited his antics 😀

Baguio, Christmas, Wright Park, The MansionHuge gate of The Mansion

Baguio, Christmas, Wright Park, The MansionThe Mansion, the President was not there 🙂

Baguio, Christmas, Mines ViewMines ViewBaguio, Christmas, Christmas VillageChristmas Village

Baguio, Christmas, Christmas VillageSnow in the Philippines lol

2 days were enough to tour all the good places to see at Baguio.  We paid 3 days for our room though, got half refund because we all wanna go home.


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