Hidden Vega

Hidden Vega Resort Located in Manggahan, Gen. Trias,Cavite.

Entrance – 120.00 (same for adult and child)

The place is okay, there is a public and private pool. The public pool is big enough, with one slide, there’s a place for kids where the water is very shallow, for them to walk/run without worrying if the little ones will get drown, but of course little children should be supervised all the time, it doesnt matter if the water is deep or not.

The road that leads to the place is really bad, not concrete with lots of bumps, stones, holes, (lubak-lubak talaga). It’s inside a subdivision, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee at the gate, just a little amount (5 pesos only).

They should do something about the road, the first time we went there, I feel like I don’t want to go back anymore, there are other resorts with nicer roads, and cheaper entrance fees.

Rooms are also available, for a fee, so if you really want to hide for awhile, from whatever is bothering you, or you just want to relax, escape the city or something, you can try this place. But be warned about the “lubaks” bad road.

My family went there just to take a swim, it was still summer, but it was’nt really hot, the sky was a little bit gray, but the kids wanted to go swimming, so the resort we headed. But before we went there, we made a deal, that each one of them will pay for the entrance, since we are broke at that time. They all agreed (good kids), so they took off some money from their savings, my daughter and son, and one of their cousin. My husband already checked out the place and have asked how much the entrance is. We did’nt brought food, because we had just eaten our lunch.

When we arrived there, there were people at the private pool and none at the other pool, well, thank goodness we have the pool to ourselves, it’s like renting it for private use too… =).

Everybody was having fun, there was a slide, but there werent water running on it, so the kids, my eldest daughter started it, were bring water by the plastic bag up the slide then slowly sat on the slide and thrown the water then slide right away.It was so funny, especially with my 7 year old son, he found this big plastic bag filled it with water, and carried it to the top sideways.

We played some games too, they were asked to fetch the stone that my husband have thrown in the pool. they played different kinds of diving too, there was a sideways, back diving, jumping diving, making an ugly kind of diving, and the real diving.

We got hungry at the last minute of swimming, and lucky i bought some biscuits, that made it for four hungry stomachs.

The little one had fun swimming too, he was walking and all over the pool, the water is just above his ankles, and i got tired following him. But it was still fun and we all enjoyed the swim.

This is one great way to bond with our kids, lots of memories to share when they get older.

The resort is good but is not recommended due to the bad road, but once the road is fixed, this is one good place to visit.

  1. kidly give us your contact no. of hidden vega. because our family really want to go there. please e-mail me at gemmacalomadre@ymail.com or theresalilycalomadre@ymail.com.
    thank you!

  2. hi,
    i am so sorry for this late reply, i dont have a contact number of this resort but i can give you a details on how to gothere.

    i sent the details in the emails you provided.

  3. Good day

    Ive been to this place also.. and we enjoyed it much specially having your own pool.. with 2 airconditioned rooms. I want to have it reserved this easter sunday but im having a problem i lost my receipt and now i can’t contact them anymore… so i dont how i can have my reservation since they dont have it on the site. Im working here in Makati and i don’t how. Please help me to get my reservation for easter sunday on a private pool for kids and family bonding.

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