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MOA at the bay

Finally, an update…

MOA stands for Mall of Asia by SM, the biggest mall here in my country (Philippines) and a must see too if you happen to visit the the country.  About 2 hours drive away from my place. Located in Pasay.  A huge shopping area, lots of restaurants, kiddie playplaces, skating rink, etc.

There is also IMAX (SM Cinema).. short intro… The IMAX experience captivates you in crystal clear sights and sounds. It’s so intense that it makes you feel like you’re part of the movie!

But it’s not what I’m gonna share here… lol.. what I want to show you is the one near the bay, playgrounds, more restos, bars, rides for kids and adults.. and the view — BEACH!  The place is open in the evenings till early mornings.

I love the setting, the fountain too, and I wanted to try this ball thingy here, except that I’m too old for it, I’d probably look stupid in it… lol.  Anyways, my 2nd child did and he looked like he had so fun in it. Fee 100.00 pesos

the waterball

There was this bungee kind too, which I did not try again (sort of shy…:P) my 8 year old boy did, and boy was I envious, lousy me that night :(.  Fee 175.00 pesos.


I will come back here for sure next time, with some friends, and I’d try that hanging in the air kinda like bungee thing, my heart is leaping already just thinking about it. :D.

One of my favorite things to look at are fountains…

the fountain and me