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The reason some kids go bald

Is because of bubblegum… lol… Yep, bubblegum getting stuck to their hair.

Kichiro's new look

That’s one sad little boy above…

I went out to buy groceries, and when I came back, I saw bubblegum stuck on Kichiro’s head. I left kichiro with his big bro and big sis, they were proabably eating bubblegum and the two did not noticed what Kro did to his gum.  I was disappointed with my eldest because of what happened, but the damaged is already done, so getting mad at her wont do anything good.

I tried taking it off, but failed… I cut his hair little by little, those that have bubblegum only, but it looked ugly. So off we went to the barbershop the next day, and I had his head shaved.  When we came home, his big bro  and big sis had laughed at his new look.  He wasn’t happy about that.

The week before he got bald…   from this…

… to this.  He seems to be embarrassed with his new look.