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Something to always do before having meals…

This may look funny, but something to make us think.

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Pray before meals

Hubby took the photo :D. While I was busy preparing dinner lol.  Well it looked funny to me, but this is something we must do right?  Pray and thank God for the blessings, food on our table every single day, every meal, that we don’t go hungry, that He always provide and take care of our needs.

For the recipe and how to do this very simple sushi, you can check my food blog here -> Not Just Our Daily Bread.

Help is On the Way

Someone shared this in my profile in another site… Although I am hearing impaired, I’ve read the comments and everyone’s saying the music is very good.  I’ve searched for the lyrics, very much needed in these times.

Help Is On The Way Lyrics by Michael W. Smith

People say that time will heal
But you know, they just don’t feel what you feel
Times are hard but God is so good
He’s never failed you, and He said He never would

He see’s your tears
He fights your fears

Hold on, help is on the way
He said he’d never leave you or forsake you
Stay strong
Help is on the way
He’d said he’d help you
Just reach out and take his hand

He knows your heart, He lifts your head
He’s always close enough to hear every word you said
When you’re weak, He said He’s so much more
His arm is long enough to reach you where you are

He see’s your tears
He fights your fears


Help is on the way 10x

Let’s Fall In Love Again (with Jesus)

This was forwarded to me, although I cannot hear the music, the lyrics are good… By Cindy W.

Hope you like it.

Happy Easter!