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2 Birthday Celebrations at Volet’s Resort Dasmarinas

We’re back here at Volet’s after 8 years. They have renovated/upgraded the place and it’s gotten better!

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinas

Celebrating my 2 sons birthdays, we decided to do it here since it is near our place. To avoid crows, we went here on a weekday (Friday). This place is still awesome. Very clean pools, wave pool, kiddie pools, adult pool, lazy rivers for adults and for kids. They have private pools and rooms for those who want to stay overnight.

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinas

230 for adult
175 for kids below 4 ft (kids above 4 ft are considered adult)
They give discounts to senior citizens and PWDs on entrance only

Tables 350.00 – 800.00

Huge adult pool for those who want to do laps, langoy kung langoy.
Lazy river, the adult one is 4 feet, bring your own salbabida… you can do langoy here too since its 4 feet.
There are plenty of slides, giant slides, regular slides, mini slides, micro slides, tunnel slide. So slide to sawa sa mga mahihilig sa slides.

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinas

Volet's Resort and Hotel Dasmarinascredit for this photo http://www.cavite.info/blog/

You can bring foods, its allowed.

How to get here:
Pag commute, sakay lang ng Dasmarinas Hi-Way na bus or jeep (take note, dasma hi-way). Wag sumakay ng Dasma Bayan. Very easy to spot, along aguinaldo hi-way and just infront of Waltermart Dasmarinas. So pagnakita nyo na Waltermart Dasma, baba na, nasa tapat lang ang Volet’s.

Same if going there by car. They have parking spaces.

Pag uuwi na, drop by at Volet’s gotohan, masarap ang lugaw nila dito, any variety masarap, try nyo.

Zdi’s 10th Bday at Qabana Resort

Happy B-day Zdi!

Seems to be lonely here, or scared? He’s on top of the slide… lol

My second son celebrated his 10th birthday last June 4,I was only able to find the time to blog and post the pics today :D.

So we went swimming again which is their all time favorite thing to do for celebrations.

We went Qabana Resort along Governor’s Drive in Dasmarinas Cavite. A few minutes away from Pala-Pala intersection. The place is easy to find because its just beside the high-way.

Php 130.00 adult
Php 90.00 – kids below 4 feet
Tables w/o umbrella – Php 100.00; w/ umbrella – Php 150.00
Cottages – Php 500.00
Parking – Free

What I like here is that it is very accessible.  We went there commuting only by jeep.  I also like the fact that I dont need to bring any food, just buy foods there, save me the hassle of cooking and carrying a lot of stuff.  Plus the entrance fee is affordable :).

The tables, cottages and stage

I also like the kiddie pool with the mushroom umbrella painted with disney characters.  My 4 year old loves it there, he’s not afraid to be by himself (of course he is being watched all the time), he sits, walks and swims by himself without being scared, unlike in some places we went too, where he always wants to be carried or someone holding him.

They have QTV’s, rooms to stay, a hall, 2 pools, for kids and an adult pool (4 ft) with a slide.  They also have a small stage.

The rooms

The hall

They also have a mini restaurant there where you can order food (of course lol), mini bar too.

The minibar and food counter

Outside the resort, just beside it you can find 2 restaurants, food is easy to find here, so it’s ok if you dont bring any to save time and hassle. Just go there and buy cooked food.

Magdaragat (a place with many seafood restaurants) is also near it.

We would definitely go back here again, since my kids love swimming, we can just go here anytime we like.  No worries on food preparation.  We’ll just buy food there, there’s a sari-sari store also beside the place.  Can go there by jeep or by bus if commuting.

Oh.. and night swimming is also allowed here.  Has a WI-FI also.  I recommend this place.

Qabana Rating – 4 stars.

Kichiro’s 4th Bday at Veninna Resort

Time flies so fast, it seems like it was just days ago when I posted Kro’s 3rd bday, now he’s a year older.

For those with “sweet tooth”

An ice cream cake.

This one is just soooo… yummy. A birthday gift from a good friend, my 9 year old picked the flavor. There were so many to choose from, I wanted that Mango Madness, but kids’ favorite is “always” chocolate. I never regretted it since this one is just so good.

My 3 year old was the one who blew the candle.. yey! He’s the one at the center pic (cake mix pic) :D.

Chocolate cake inside, with mocha ice cream as filling.
Just thinking, maybe next time on one of my kids bday, instead of buying a separate cake and ice cream, I’ll buy an ice cream cake instead… hmm. We used to buy choco moist from Fortune baker, the price when compared, just a hundred pesos more for the ice cream cake, not bad.

Nothing fancy for my birthday except for this special cake.
This year has been a very tough one for me. I hope the next year to come would be a much better one.

Here's your share 🙂


MOA at the bay

Finally, an update…

MOA stands for Mall of Asia by SM, the biggest mall here in my country (Philippines) and a must see too if you happen to visit the the country.  About 2 hours drive away from my place. Located in Pasay.  A huge shopping area, lots of restaurants, kiddie playplaces, skating rink, etc.

There is also IMAX (SM Cinema).. short intro… The IMAX experience captivates you in crystal clear sights and sounds. It’s so intense that it makes you feel like you’re part of the movie!

But it’s not what I’m gonna share here… lol.. what I want to show you is the one near the bay, playgrounds, more restos, bars, rides for kids and adults.. and the view — BEACH!  The place is open in the evenings till early mornings.

I love the setting, the fountain too, and I wanted to try this ball thingy here, except that I’m too old for it, I’d probably look stupid in it… lol.  Anyways, my 2nd child did and he looked like he had so fun in it. Fee 100.00 pesos

the waterball

There was this bungee kind too, which I did not try again (sort of shy…:P) my 8 year old boy did, and boy was I envious, lousy me that night :(.  Fee 175.00 pesos.


I will come back here for sure next time, with some friends, and I’d try that hanging in the air kinda like bungee thing, my heart is leaping already just thinking about it. :D.

One of my favorite things to look at are fountains…

the fountain and me